TV in our life

TV-set has become a part of our lives many years ago. Watching TV, we learn a lot of information. The most important information coming from TV is certainly news. Thanks to the news we keep track of events of both domestic and foreign policy. However, not all programs are of use to us. Probably on the contrary - they only hamper our development, making us weak and inactive. Therefore, it’s impossible to say that TV is 100% boon.

So “the idiot box" with TV shows, does it do more good or harm? Giving a clear answer is impossible. What will happen if we don't turn on TV at all? We won’t be aware of what is going on in the world and in the country. You can, of course, learn the news through the Internet, but there aren’t many people who are used to doing so. Particularly it’s true for people over 50.

Let us consider another situation. All day long a person lies on the sofa or sits in the armchair and watches the "box" round the clock. Who will like this kind of lifestyle of “couch potato”? Answer: nobody! However, this attitude to life also harms the main hero - lazy viewer. Why? Firstly, he is passive, which in future will lead to the deterioration of his health and quality of life. Secondly, he watches everything just channel-hopping. We all know that 90% of the information on television is neither educational nor cognitive. They aim simply to draw the audience attention, not to mention useless ads.